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MODULITE drl VW Passat 3BG 00-05 with fog light+Xenon_smoke

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MODULITE drl VW Passat 3BG 00-05 with fog light+Xenon_smoke - MODV03FSX

MODULITE by litec.innovations

.MODULITE daytime running light 22cm for VW Passat 3BG
.precise and car specific air inlet grill with integrated daytime running lights
.Year: 00-05
.Version: smoke
.for cars with fog light
.for cars with xenon (but not for bi-xenon)
.complete plug-and-play cable set includedts
.acurately fitting complete set
.fast and easy mounting
.High-Power LED for your safety
.length of the led daytime running light around220mm
.20 extremely bright high-power LEDs per side with built-in dimming/off module
.Illumination angle 15-30 in the direction of traffic for optimal detection of oncoming traffic
.perfect design that blends harmoniously with the front end without appearing attached.
.Including 100% plug-in wiring / installation with no modifications to the vehicle's electric
.automatic switch-on with the ignition
.Turns off delayed after the closure of the vehicle (depending on model, up to 30 s)
.for 12V: 520mA / 6.24Watt
.R87 Mark as daytime running light

.as replacement for original part number: 3B0 853 665 L B41, 3B0 853 666 L B41


The vehicle-specific solution developed by DECTANE and LITEC for integrated daytime running lights.

Technology: We use high-class daytime running lights from our range to fulfil the highest standards. Our daytime running lights are equipped with high-power LED produced by renowned manufacturers, responding to reliability and durability under the worst weather conditions. The daytime running lights meet all legal requirements as daytime and position light and are equipped with appropriate approvals. Despite its compact design, the daytime running lights do not require additional control elements. The built-up relays are switching automatically from daytime running lights into position light function, if the main spotlight is turned on.Safety: The arrangement of the daytime running lights on the vehicle is optimal and the angle of reflected beam matches perfectly to the road traffic and your safety. By installing one of our MODULITE products you increase your visibility on the road dramatically, while your vehicle gets a great improvement on its appearance.Look: In comparison to do-it-yourself constructions our MODULITE solution features a fit as the body parts from the original equipment. The brackets for the daytime running lights have been specifically designed for the respective vehicle. The result is a completely harmonious appearance of the upgraded vehicle.Installation: Our daytime running lights are set in tailor-made shutters for the front bumper. For the exchange of existing aperture through our MODULITE daytime running lights, you do not need any prior knowledge. You achieve a professional result in the shortest possible time and without any special tools, with almost no change in the car front. The supplied installation material such as the pre-assembled plug-and-play wiring harnesses with vehicle-specific connectors and detailed installation instructions make the installation a pleasure.

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