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Plastic Wheel Housing DACIA Sandero I (2008-2012) Right Front

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7.14 EUR
CODE : 110703
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Plastic Wheel Housing DACIA Sandero I (2008-2012) Right Front - 110703


Suitable for:
DACIA Sandero I (2008-2012)
Not suitable for:
DACIA Sandero II (2012 - up)


The fender, which is made of plastic, is an important structural element of a car. Mudguards protect the car's chassis from dirt leaking under the wheels, moisture, chemical means, and tumbling stones. Various other components are attached to the mudguards, such as brackets, supports, and soundproof aprons. Depending on the vehicle, the shape and size of the fender are adjusted to the tire size. Over time, rupture of the fender may occur, either due to material fatigue or impact. Friction between the tire and the fender may occur if the fender is deformed or released, which can cause tire damage.

Wheel around perfectly fits into the mud flap
Made of PE-material, which guarantees their durability in low and high temperatures
Regardless of the long-term warranty for sheet metal and perforation of cars, it is recommended to wear camisoles to protect against the damaging effect of mud, stones, snow, water, sand and moisture.
Wheel arches significantly extend the service life of the sheet metal
They are certified for non-flammability, ISO compliance, and the Institute of Organic Industry
Color: Black

Package Contains:

Plastic Wheel Housing Right Front
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